Manufacturing Software Solutions in Singapore

FITPRISE Manufacturing is a comprehensive business system to help companies manage their entire operations from Sales, Job Orders/Process Planning, Procurement/Inventory and Production Shop Floor through to Customer Delivery and Invoicing. This system provides tracking of customer jobs indicating the status of the jobs (New, WIP, Completed) and the quantity completed through the various production processes (CNC Machining, Cutting, Assembly etc). The capturing of data such as Process ID and Operator ID can captured in the system via bar coding scanning.

In addition to being highly functional, we create our software to remain affordable, ensuring that small and medium enterprises in Singapore can benefit from the simplification of their systems, and the resulting profit refinement that can result, for a cost that is never excessive.

Helping businesses develop through software

With high quality production to shop floor tracking software comes significant ease of use and operation for small and medium enterprises. Understanding the costs of performing each job invariably means you have a better understanding of where things can be improved and resources deployed more efficiently.

Being informed of job status is also instrumental in ensuring you can better regulate the workflow of your business. Being able to simple and quickly differentiate between jobs that are New, WIP (work in progress) and Completed ensures effective monitoring for any lagging processes.

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