Customer Management

Customised CRM Software in Singapore

FITPRISE CRM – IT BIZ is a comprehensive business system for companies engaging in information technology services and products. This system helps companies manage their operations from creation of sales leads and quotations to the financial delivery and customer invoices processes. This system enables convenient tracking of various stages of the customer sales cycle and also provides the ability to monitor reseller/distribution channels.

Our customised CRM software and sales quotation management software for Singapore business is not only designed around customisability, but affordability. It has always been our intention for our software to help small and medium enterprises create happier customers through tailored solutions for a price that is very reasonable.

Managing both efficiency and future interactions

Enhanzcom’s customer management system not only aids in aiding the management of small and medium enterprises, but it leads to much greater customer satisfaction. By streamlining and effectively managing the customer sales cycle, it becomes much easier to ensure better customer satisfaction in the future.

Enhanzcom has been developing software for over 9 years, which has granted us an excellent understanding of how small and medium enterprises interact with customers. This has resulted in us designing software that allows for thorough monitoring of customers, as they are the lynchpin of any organisation or business.  By then being able to understand them through better interpretation of sales leads, you can ensure customers will keep coming back.

Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to enquire further about our CRM software solutions, contact us today. We are here to clarify any aspects of our product you are interested in, and even how they can aid your business in Singapore and beyond.

For further enquiries, make sure to email us at to learn more about Enhanzcom and our services.  Alternatively, you can telephone us on +65-6276 1128.